tobia_landRioja – Well Reviewed, High Tech Wine Making

Bodegas Tobia is an artisanal winery owned and operated by Oscar Tobia.  This new entry into the US market is known in Rioja for using a variety of DOCa lands and grapes coupled with high technology to produce delicious and sometimes atypical wines.  Tobia owns 150 hectares of grape producing lands in 15 different municipalities in Rioja.

With innovative wine making, Tobia is using a process called smart deposits which is a way to collect naturally occurring CO2 from the fermentation process and then use it in a controlled manner for the remontage (spraying of the skins to leave them moist).  They are also researching the effects of micro oxidation on wine.

This well reviewed winery is a new entry for Patagonia Wine & Imports for 2013.  We look forward to establishing markets for this new brand.

Technical Sheet Booklet

Tech Sheets Bodegas Tobia 2013

Technical Booklet Tobia 2015

Technical Booklet Daimon 2015

Technical Daimon Tinto 2015

Shelf Talker

Robert Parker 2012. Bodegas Tobia

Bodegas Tobia Robert Parker 2013 Bodegas Tobia Robert Parker Shopping List 2013

Bodegas Tobia Robert Parker 2013 Shelf Talkers

Wine Enthusiast Shelf 2009 Oscar Tobia

Oscar Tobia Vintage 2010 Wine Spectator

2015 Parker Shelf Multiple

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