nahuel_backPatagonia Wine & Imports branded Argentina Wine.

Back in 2007, Nahuel was the original brand brought into the US by Patagonia Wine & Imports.  The brand included a under $12 Malbec, a Reserve Malbec, and a Pinot Noir.  Patagonia wanted to keep the flexibility of sourcing the wine from a variety of wineries in Argentina and to protect itself from price changes.  The Black Label Reserve Malbec has come from a single source since inception and has been the #1 seller of Patagonia Wine & Imports for three years running.  The current 2010 vintage has scored 90 points with BTI and the varietal level Malbec will be coming out with a 2008 this year.

Technical Sheets


Shelf Talkers

2013 BTI Shelf Talker for Nahuel 2010 Black Label Reserve, Malbec, Mendoza

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