Baron de Montfort

Monbadon026Quality Bordeaux, Moderately Priced

Baron de Montfort produces three solid Bordeaux blends, two Grand Vin de Bordeaux and a St. Emilon Grand Cru.  All three wines are true estate wines, farmed on the land of the Chateau and owned in the family since the 15th century.

These wines have been well reviewed over the years in the domestic French market.  Recently, the Baron de Montfort properties have seen some US press.  Patagonia Wine and Imports brings in three of the four wines produced within the three estates.

Technical Sheets

Chateau du Rocher – Saint Emilion Grand Cru

Chateau Monbadon

Lagrange Monbadon

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Chateau Monbadon 2010 Wine Enthusiast

LaGrange Monbadon 2010 Wine Enthusiast

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