Cautivo de Orfila

A Full Argentine Brand with multiple quality/price points













Cautivo de Orfila is a Argentine brand from Orfila/Viniterra.  Easily the largest winery/property within Patagonia Wine’s portfolio, this 2014 brand launch has already reached five US states and counting.  Malbec’s in the Joven, Varietal, Oak, and Select levels give this brand quite a bit of flexibility in quality and price levels.  With the backing of Viniterra, Cautivo de Orfila is a brand with very strong marketing support with export manager visits and high quality materials available.  Reviews are being worked on through Patagonia Wine and the winery.

Brand Information

Cautivo Brand Presentation

Gancia Presentation

Bottle Shots and Barcodes

Technical Sheets

Cautivo Tech Sheets

Cautivo Tech Sheets in PDF


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