Boutique Wines and Beers from Around the World

Patagonia Wine & Imports was started in 2007 as an Argentine importer.  The very first product brought in by Patagonia Wine helped build the company.  Nahuel Malbec and Nahuel Black Label Reserve Malbec.  These two products, 5 vintages later, still exist in our portfolio going strong.  Since inception, we have expanded into France, Italy, Spain, and Canada.  We broker a set of US produced beers and a couple US produced wines as well.

Patagonia Wine started as a way to bring in Argentine wines but over the years we have become known as a single stop shop to get a variety of products.  We have ciders from Canada, ports from Portugual, and boutique wines and beers from all around the world.  We have items that are on grocery store shelves and compete in the under $10 retail range.  We also carry products that are highly reviewed and act as exclusive bottle placements in fine dining restaurants.  We look to be a one stop shop for medium to small distributors that need a variety of products without over commiting on single skus.

We are now servicing 25 states in the USA, sometimes with multiple distribution partners carrying different products from Patagonia.  Patagonia Wine will continue to expand and continue to offer great products at a great price with a focus on value and quality from unique producers.

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